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Alternate Path Paves Way for Quicker Travel Visa Appointments

U.S. Embassies Streamline Visa Processing with Encouragement to Schedule B-1/B-2 Interviews Abroad


WASHINGTON, DC- The announcement from the US Embassy in India regarding the option for Indians to schedule B-1/B-2 travel visa appointments at embassies and consulates in different countries is a positive step in reducing the wait times for visa appointments. The US Embassy in Bangkok has been cited as a possible “third country” for Indian applicants, where the wait time for a first-time travel visa appointment is around 30 days compared to over a year in some consulates in India.

However, it is important to note that applying for a B-1/B-2 visa from a “third country” comes with a certain degree of risk, as travel visa denial rates are typically higher for those applying from third countries. To increase the chances of success, it is advisable to read up on the process and familiarize yourself with the requirements and procedures.

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