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Weekly Horoscope 8th April to 14th  April  2024

By Celebrity Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla



Ganesha says that Aries people should understand this very well this week that love never demands, it always gives, so take special care of your loved one’s feelings and needs this week. If there is any misunderstanding or dispute going on with the love partner, then you can convince him/her by giving a nice gift. Married life will be happy. Contingent money will be received in the middle of the week. Students engaged in the preparation for the examination competition will get good news. At the end of the week, in financial matters, you should take steps only after thinking. Do not be hasty in any new investment. Businessmen may face some ups and downs today. The time of salaried people is moderate.


Ganesha says that the people of Taurus will be successful only if they plan and work this week. Do not start any work half-heartedly and take special care of your health. Can be a victim of seasonal or any chronic. Businessmen will get the profit of the business with little trouble. Time is favorable for those doing consultancy and liaison work. This week, proposals for the sale and purchase of land and buildings will come to the fore. Buy new property only after checking. Don’t spend money unnecessarily on things that are not required, otherwise, there can be a loss of both money and respect. Coming to the house of a loved one will give strength to the mind.


Ganesha says that this week will be full of fun for Gemini people. There will be accidental profit. An environment will be created in the workplace to solve the problems that have been going on for some time. This week, on the strength of your work, you will be able to give a befitting reply to your opponents. Thoughtful tasks will be completed. Traders will get proposals for expansion in their business. The facilities of employed people can increase. Take care of food and drink, otherwise, your health may become weak. Students’ interest in studies will increase. There will be happiness on the child’s side. Love partner will get full support in a love affair.


Ganesha says that Cancerians will have to work harder this week to improve their circumstances. There will definitely be assurances from acquaintances and relatives, but the work will be successful only with your own efforts and hard work. You have to understand very well that heaven is not visible without your death. Instead of depending on someone, do your own work, otherwise, the work being done will get spoiled. Decisions for yourself will prove beneficial. Traders’ time is moderate. There may be some transaction problems in the middle of the week. At the end of the week, there may be some tension in married relations. Although the time is good for the students.


Ganesha says that Leo people will have to be more careful with their competitors this week. One has to take a step forward keeping his tricks in mind, otherwise, he may try to let you down. You can go on a religious journey in the middle of the week. Keep in mind that your own intelligence and money are useful in foreign countries, so spend money wisely, otherwise, you may get into trouble. Take special care of your health and luggage while traveling. Take family and friends into confidence. This week can be full of complications for businessmen, so today they should be careful in buying and selling. Take a step forward in a love affair after thinking. You will get the full support of your marrow partner in difficult times.


Ganesha says that this week will be auspicious and beneficial for the people of Virgo. This week, a favorable environment will be created for your plans of progress and profit. Along with this, suddenly a huge amount of money may have to be spent on comforts. Keep your headpiece calm in the middle of the week. Avoid speaking harsh words to anyone. Time is good for businessmen. There is a possibility of expansion in business. Employed people can get promotions. Time is good for women professionals. Most of the time of the younger will be spent having fun. The journey near and far will be pleasant and profitable. Auspicious works will be completed at the house.


Ganesha says that the people of the Libra zodiac will have to take full care of this thing this week. Don’t beat your hands and feet in four places at the same time, otherwise, all the opportunities will go out of hand. If you wish, you can achieve the success you want with wisdom and discretion. There will be some good news by the middle of the week. During this time your excursion programs can be made. You will get full support from acquaintances. Plans will be made for expansion in the field. Businessmen need to take special care of transactions and other expenses. Employed people will get new responsibilities and students will be interested in their studies. Will get to spend a better time with your love partner in a love affair.


Ganesha says that for the people of the Scorpio zodiac, only after the struggle at the beginning of the week, there will be chances of success in the workplace. Start a new plan only after contemplation. If possible, postpone for a few days. Solve family and office-related problems one by one. Don’t drive fast. During this, take special care of your health and fitness. Businessmen should be careful in new investments. Employed people may have differences from their colleagues. Don’t let mutual trust in a love affair break under any circumstances, otherwise, you may have to repent later. Do not avoid the feelings of the spouse.


Ganesha says that the people of Sagittarius will get full support of good luck this week. All your thought works will be completed. New possibilities will emerge in the workplace. Pending cases and transfer-related matters in the court will get the desired success. Time is auspicious for businessmen. They will get both regular and immediate benefits. Do not lose confidence to achieve success and do your work with full preparation. This week will prove to be auspicious for the students of competitive exams. Sweetness will remain in married life. Will get full support of lover.


Ganesha says that the people of Capricorn should light the torch of light instead of cursing the darkness. Solve family and office-related problems one by one. Take advice from experienced people and do not postpone today’s work for tomorrow. Things will change by the end of the week and you will get full support from your best friends and relatives. But doubts will remain about family and close people. This week will prove to be moderate for businessmen. The dissatisfaction of employed people towards their officers will increase. Women should avoid sentimentality. Haste will not be appropriate in a love affair.


Ganesha says that the people of Aquarius will have to tie knots this week that make good use of time and make promises to someone after thinking carefully, otherwise, you may have to repent in the future. Do not run away from the new responsibilities you are getting at the workplace. This time will be somewhat bearish for businessmen. Don’t be in a hurry to invest capital. Postpone the idea of buying and selling land, building, or vehicle for a few days. To make married life happy, do not avoid the feelings of your spouse. Take steps carefully in a love affair.


Ganesha says that the people of Pisces have to understand one thing very well. Therefore, if you do not know any work, then refuse it clearly, otherwise, you may have to be humiliated. There will be chances for long-distance travel at the beginning of the week. Take special care of both your health and your luggage during the journey, as there will be a possibility of a loss of money. In the middle of the week, you can succeed in improving your financial condition with your efforts. During this, you give assurance to someone after thinking a lot. There is a slight increase in the business of traders. Students’ minds can wander from their studies. The mind will be uprooted due to the entry of a third person in love relations.


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