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4 Things About Your Love Life That Shouldn’t Be Told To Anyone (Not Even Friends)


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There are some things you hide from your girlfriend and some that you hide from your family.  

However, friends are the only ones you feel like you can share everything with without being judged. They are the shoulder you cry on and run to vent or ask for suggestions for your problems. 


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While you can and should trust your pals, there are a few things about your relationship that you should keep to yourself to respect the privacy of your partner and your relationship. They would appreciate it. Plus, some things are better kept private between you two. 

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Here are four such important things about your partner or relationship that you should never discuss with anyone, not even your friends: 

1. The Specifics Of Your Sex Life

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While everyone discusses their sex life with their friends, the nitty-gritty details like your partner’s wildest fantasy in bed or what they dislike should never leave the bedroom. 

There’s a reason it’s an ‘intimate’ act and not something to be discussed with the third person.  

2. If They Don’t Like One Of Your Friends

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There are chances that your partner won’t like a friend from your gang and that’s okay. 

Just like you won’t tell your partner that a friend doesn’t like them, you should maintain your partner’s opinion of them confidential too. This is not just to maintain harmony but also to keep your partner’s trust in you. 

3. Money Matters

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Whether you two are having financial problems or they had a big loss because of a mistake, this is very personal to them and they need you to not spill the beans to your friends. 

The wise and mature thing to do is keep the money issues to yourself.   

4. Their Embarrassing Habits Or Traits

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Even if you find them cute, you shouldn’t reveal your partner’s embarrassing habits or something they are insecure about. They are already embarrassed about it and knowing that you told your friends would not sit well with them. 

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