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Zaiqa-E-Dilli: Where Old Delhi’s culinary traditions get ‘chatpata tadka’ of luxury


Zaiqa-E-Dilli: Where Old Delhi’s culinary traditions get ‘chatpata tadka’ of luxuryFebruary 22, 2024New Delhi, Feb 22 (IANS) Imagine having paranthas at Chandni Chowk’s Paranthe Wali Gali without the grime and the jostling crowds, or gulping down gol gappas and not worrying about hygiene issues, or gorging on lip-smacking biryani right out of a ‘degh’ without going all the way to Dilli-6.

Zaiqa-E-Dilli brings all these gastronomic experiences that are unique to Old Delhi to diners in the luxurious setting of the Infinity restaurant at Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar-Noida.The complex flavours and fragrances are brought to diners by the khansamas of Purani Dilli, each “handpicked” by the hotel’s executive chef, Roushan Sharma, who would set out daily at 9 in the morning to locate the right pairs of hands and the “perfect seasonings” to make Zaiqa-E-Dilli a complete success.Talking about atmospherics, from the ‘hajams’ to the ‘pandits’ and ‘desi doctors’, the festival, which is on till February 29, has everything that would remind you of the winding and vibrant ‘galiyaans’ of Old Delhi.For Chef Roushan, India offers a world of flavours that needs to be explored and with Zaiqa-E-Dilli, he serves it on bone-china plates, which add elegance to the experience. But staying true to the traditions of Purani Dilli, the chaat, pakodas and chhole bhature are served on steel plates, hitting the right spot.For the festival, the restaurant is divided into two parts: food lovers can immerse themselves in the ambience of the ‘Haveli Courtyard’ dining and surrender their senses to the bustling street food court called ‘Nukkad’. The festival’s theme, appropriately, is ‘Dil Dehli Degh Dastarkhwan’.The food festival offers an array of culinary masterpieces presented on a rotating menu. From traditional beverages such as Mohabbat Ka Sharbat and Bunta to iconic street delicacies such as Fruit Kulle, which will transport you to the dark and narrow bylanes of Nai Sarak, where Sultan Kulle Wala is a force to reckon with.There’s of course much more. From Chicken Malai Kebabs and Dastan-E-Kumbh, a medley of mushrooms, Mutton Nalli Nihari, Chicken Changezi, Jahangiri Quorma, Akbari Fish, Dal Qureshi, Machli Begum Bahar and Dhingri Shabnam paired with breads such as Khameeri Roti, Baqarkhani, Sheermal, Roomali Roti and Halwa Paratha, the last one inspired by the giant parathas you get in the evening during Ramzan at Nizamuddin.And how does one forget the ‘meetha’ after ‘spicing up’ the palate? For that you have a mind-blowing array of sweets, from Daulat Ki Chaat to Malpua and warm and comforting Gulab Jamun.This is the season to eat out and let your hair down, so what stops you from digging into the delights of Purani Dilli?Zaiqa-E-Dilli is on at the Infinity restaurant at Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar-Noida till February 29. The price per person is Rs 2,699 plus 18 per cent GST.–IANSdc/srb

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