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Sudhaa Chandran: Stepping into twin characters widens the artistic canvas


Mumbai, Jan 19 (IANS) Veteran actress Sudhaa Chandran, who will be showcasing her versatility by playing a double role in the thought-provoking drama ‘Doree’, said that it widens the artistic canvas, and lets her paint with broader brushstrokes of emotions.

The show is an emotional roller-coaster journey of the six-year-old Doree, portrayed by Mahi Bhanushali. It stages the clash of Doree’s progressive thoughts with the regressive mindset of Kailashi Devi Thakur, played by Sudhaa.

In the current storyline, as the Thakur haveli buzzes with preparations for Anand and Mansi’s 10th anniversary, an unexpected twist awaits. Kailashi Devi harbours a secret plan to announce Anand as the heir, but the shocking entry of the mysterious new character threatens to unravel hidden truths.

Bringing an exciting turn to the narrative, the entry of the real Kailashi Devi is set to stun the Thakur haveli and all the family members.

Following the thunderous appreciation for her portrayal of the regressive and cunning Kailashi Devi, Sudhaa is ready to leave audiences spellbound by donning a surprise double role.

Speaking of her double role, Sudhaa said: “After the immense love I’ve received for my portrayal of Kailashi Devi, I’m beyond thrilled to be kicking off a new chapter in my stint with the Doree. Stepping into twin characters is a fulfilling experience for me because it widens the artistic canvas and lets me paint with broader brushstrokes of emotions.”

The ‘Kaahin Kissii Roz’ actress shared that it allows me her present her best in both characters.

“While playing Kailashi Devi my focus has been on embracing her traditional values, language, and mannerisms while staying true to the emotional context of the role. When playing the character of her twin sister, I shift the focus to highlighting the contrasting traits of Kailashi Devi,” she added.

‘Doree’ airs on Colors.



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