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Pete Davidson gives heartfelt goodbye to SNL; Mentions Kanye, Ariana & more in his final set on the show


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Saying his goodbyes. Pete Davidson joined Colin Jost as he made his final appearance on Saturday Night Live. The comedian had confirmed his exit from the show on Saturday afternoon with other cast members who are also leaving the show including Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant and Kyle Mooney. Davidson joined SNL as the youngest member in the show’s history in 2014 at the age of 20.
Davidson brought up his online one-sided online rift with Kanye West as he opened and said, “Hello, Colin and Che and millions of people only watching to see if I bring up Kanye.” His final performance marked his first live appearance on the show in months. Jost replied as he affirmed Pete’s comment, “Yeah, you had a weird year.” Davidson continued, “Yeah. I just — I never imagined this would be my life. Look at me when I started here. Back then I was just like a skinny kid and no one knew what race I was,” via ET.
Pete then poked fun at himself and added, “Like now, everyone knows I’m white because I became hugely successful while barely showing up to work.” Later he was asked who he would miss the most after leaving the show, Pete replied that it would have to be the show’s legendary creator and producer Lorne Michaels. The comedian shared an anecdote from when he called up Michaels after getting engaged to pop sensation Ariana Grande and noted, “I called him when I got engaged. I was like, ‘Lorne, I just got engaged to Ariana Grande after dating her for two weeks.’ He goes, ‘Oh, well hold on for dear life.’ It’s a true story.”
Meanwhile, Pete ended his run on show on an emotional note and expressed his gratitude as he added, “I appreciate SNL, and Lorne for never giving up on me and believing in me and allowing me to have a place that, like, I could call home with memories that will last a lifetime, so thank you guys.”
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