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Odisha CM calls for one-minute prayer today for COVID warriors


Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik (File Photo)

Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India], Aug 5 (ANI): Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik called on people of the state to join him in one-minute prayer at 6 pm on Wednesday for the COVID warriors who lost their lives in the State.
“The human race is going through the most difficult period in its history. The Covid epidemic today poses an unprecedented challenge to the entire human race and every country is going through a very serious situation. For the past five months we have been fighting against coronavirus, Public support in Odisha has further strengthened the fight against coronavirus,” the Odisha Chief Minister said in a message.
Stating that every life is precious, the chief minister said: “We have an increase in the number of cured patients and a decrease in mortality. This is made possible today because of the commitment, and dedication of our COVID warriors. They are making huge sacrifices to keep us all safe.”
“Many COVID warriors sacrificed their lives to protect the people. Join me in silent prayer and swearing-in ceremony for a minute at 6 pm on Wednesday in honour and remembrance of their highest sacrifice for the human race,” he said.
“The number of cured patients in Odisha about to exceed 25,000. It simply came to our notice then. With the help of all, we have been able to save more lives than any other state. Our mortality rate is 0.56 per cent, the lowest in the country,” Patnaik said.
“We have an increase in the number of cures and a decrease in mortality. It simply came to our notice then. Even in this terrible war, many of them sacrificed their lives. I will lead a silent prayer in their memory to commemorate and honour this highest sacrifice of the Covid warriors for the human race,” Patnaik said.
“I urge my four and a half crore brothers and sisters in Odisha to attend the prayer meeting at 6 pm on Wednesday, we will all take an oath after this prayer to encourage the COVID warriors who are working day and in and day out to save the People of Odisha,” he added. (ANI)

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