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Mindy Kaling Cracks Jokes at the Fundraiser for President Biden


Indian-origin entertainer Mindy Kaling.

An Evening with the Presidents — a gala fundraiser event for President Joe Biden at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City saw Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton as guests. The evening which raised a whopping $26 million was emceed by Indian-origin entertainer Mindy Kaling. Amongst the many highlights of the evening were also the jokes cracked by Kaling on stage. She said, “When I say Mr. President, three people will answer!”

She also said, “It is such an honor to be in this room with so many rich people.” She added that she loved that they were supporting a president who “openly” promises to “raise your taxes.” She also remarked that “people are paying up to $500,000 to be here tonight,” she remarked, “for that kind of money at an RNC fundraiser, you get to be secretary of state.”

Kaling did not shy away from commenting on President Biden’s age – a subject that has been much talked about lately. She said, she’s “getting older, but compared to Biden, Obama, and Clinton, she looks like a cast member on Euphoria.”

She recalled an incident when her daughter Katherine was two years old. She said, “ “She (her daughter) saw Kamala Harris on TV, and she thought it was me,” Kaling added, “I have never felt so hot or that my daughter was being a little bit racist.”

One of her other real funny lines were – “Being here will hurt my chances of landing the lead on the Nikki Haley biopic.”

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