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Meme-makers and social media influencers go on a overdrive as elections results are out



The result of Assembly Elections 2022 of five states had everybody glued to their screens. But the workload of meme-makers and social media influencers became tenfold as they have to produce content with every new development.

Trending hashtags from the elections result day were #ElectionResults, #BJPWinningUP, #BJPAgain and #BulldozorBaba.

The returning judge

There were also pictures of Bhagwant Mann and Navjot Singh Sidhu from Great Indian Laughter Challenge doing the rounds. One Twitter user wrote, “To everyone who judged you ever in your life. Today a Laughter Challenge contestant won and the man who judged him in the show have lost. Just a Thought.” Many resorted to Babu Rao (Paresh Rawal) of Hera Pheri to explain the feelings of INC supporters. His dialogue, ‘Pakad Mereko Pakad’ was circulated with a caption, “INC supporters refraining themselves from breaking TV sets.” As Navjot Singh Sidhu lost in Amritsar East constituency there were many who brought a sarcastic angle, “Archana Puran Singh must be worried despite having nothing to do with politics.”

Social media was flooded with comments of Navjot Singh Sidhu returning to The Kapil Sharma Show and cricket commentary. There’s a photo with Archana Puran Singh’s face saying, Job Khatre Mein Hai’ was hailed to be the apt “morphed” image circulating on social media.

The Pushpa fever

Yogi Adityanath, the Chief Minister of UP, and his followers have turned around the jibe Bulldozer, given by the opposition party, in their favour. The Pushpa memes didn’t rest as Kamal (lotus) was taken into account to come up with the famous dialogue of Allu Arjun, “Kamal ka phool dekh ke flower samjhe kya, flower nahi, fire hai mein.” Many compared SP’s party symbol of cycle being crushed by the bulldozer of Yogi.

Comedians making it big

It’s fantastic news that a comedian will now be the Chief Minister of Punjab. One should take into account that comedian’s job is not just to make people laugh, but they are aware of what’s happening in the world and do study subjects they like to talk about. Bhagwant Mann has been doing his homework far too long. I think it’s not shocking to me that a comedian will lead the affairs of Punjab.”—Manpreet Singh

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