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Kidnapped Israeli child forced to watch Oct 7 atrocities: Family


Kidnapped Israeli child forced to watch Oct 7 atrocities: FamilyNovember 29, 2023

Tel Aviv, Nov 29 (IANS) The family of 12-year-old Eitan Yahalomi, who was freed from Hamas captivity as part of the ongoing humanitarian truce in Gaza, said that the child was watch the gruesome scenes of the militant group’s October 7 assault on the Jewish nation.

Eitan’s aunt, Deborah Cohen told reporters here that the captors did not treat the hostages well and added that the chiled was beaten up by each and everyone as soon as he reached Gaza as a hostage.

“We thought that the hostages, especially children were treated well. But we were mistaken, they were not treated well and now I am worried as Eitan’s father is now still there in captivity,” she added.

The videos that Eitan was forced to watch were filmed by Hamas men using helmet cameras as well as from the phones of the dead victims.

The videos were live-streamed on social media platforms that subscribe to the view point and ideology of Hamas.

Eitan’s father Ohed Yahalomi is still in the captivity of Hamas after he was injured in a gun battle with the terrorists on October 7.

Since the truce was implemented on November 24, Hamas has released a total of 81 hostages, primarily women and children.

Meanwhile, Israel has freed 180 Palestinians from prison — mainly women and minors — many of whom were detained but never charged.

According to Israeli authorities, 153-166 people remain captive in Gaza, including Israelis and foreign nationals.



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