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Interview: Sushmita at I Am & Rouble Nagi art show



Mumbai, May 1: Actress Sushmita Sen’s I Am foundation in association with Rouble Nagi’s art foundation have collaborated to work for underprivileged kids and empowerment of women. At an event, Sushmita talked about the initiative undertaken by the two foundations.

“Rouble Nagi’s art foundation has been working for the education of children and women empowerment. What she does is amazing. If a sense of confidence is instilled in underprivileged children through her activities. Her art shows happen around the world and the works are created by these kids,”said Sushmita.

“I thank the media for bringing forward the stories of underprivileged. There are a lot of people who have a lot of money and they give. But just giving is not required, efforts are also needed,” Sushmita told Bollywood Country in an interview. (Bollywood Country Report)


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