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Indian-origin woman gets jail-term for abusing domestic help in Singapore


Singapore, March 6 (IANS) An Indian-origin woman in Singapore, who was convicted for abusing her domestic help and covering the victim’s bruises with make-up, has been sentenced to 10 months and 10 weeks’ jail.

Deepakala Chandra Secharan, 38, was also ordered today to give the domestic help, Eni Agustin, a compensation of S$4,000, The Straits Times reported.

Handing down the sentence, District Judge Ow Yong Tuck Leong said that domestic help abuse cases will be firmly dealt with.

Leong had convicted of three counts of assault after a trial in January this year.

Deputy Public Prosecutors told the court in January that Eni Agustin started working at Deepakala’s flat on December 9, 2019, and faced her first abuse 16 days later after she mixed up some cutlery while placing the items in a kitchen drawer.

In response, Deepakala repeatedly poked Eni’s forehead with her index finger, causing a scratch.

In 2020, she used a wooden clothes hanger to hit Eni until it broke and on another occasion, she slapped the victim’s cheeks multiple times, the paper reported.

One of the domestic helps noticed Eni’s bruises and called the Centre for Domestic Employees, which alerted the police.

When Deepakala realised the police have arrived, she got an “ice pack for the victim and instructed her to lie to the police about the injuries”, the Deputy Public Prosecutors told the court.

She asked Eni to tell the police the injuries were sustained when the latter underwent a “traditional body-scratching treatment”.

Deepakala then applied thick make-up on Eni’s face to cover up the bruises, which were noticed by the police, who asked Eni to wipe it off.

The bruises resurfaced when Eni wiped away the make-up.

She then told the officers about her ordeal.

Deepakala denied hitting Eni, and alleged that the maid’s injuries were self-inflicted, according to court documents.

“She alleged that the victim was upset with her for wanting to send the victim back to her home country, and that the victim was trying to garner sympathy for herself,” the prosecutors told the court.



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