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IANS Interview: BJP will not win 200 seats, says Rajasthan Congress President


Jaipur, April 15 (IANS) Rajasthan Congress President Govind Singh Dotasra said that the BJP is claiming to win 400 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha election but they will not be able to win even 200 seats.

In an exclusive interview with IANS, Dotasra said that there is no difference between party veteran Ashok Gehlot and Youn Turk Sachin Pilot and the party is working as a team to win the election.He also talked about the confusion which prevails over the Banswara constituency seat between Congress and its alliance partner BAP in the desert state.Excerpts:IANS: Will Congress be able to make any impact in Rajasthan in the Lok Sabha 2024 elections where BJP has swept the last two general elections?Govind Singh Dotasra: Congress is in a strong position in Rajasthan now. We have a good number of MLAs in the Assembly. BJP has also failed its voters by not keeping their poll promises. They had promised Rs 15 lakh and 2 crore jobs. But these promises have not been kept. They got power in the name of Pulwama and martyrs’. Now the facts are there for everyone to see.People also know BJP inducted Congress leaders whom they earlier termed corrupt. BJP then threw them in a ‘washing machine’ and turned these leaders into ‘Harishchandra’. Voters know all these things and will vote accordingly in the elections.IANS: Given PM Modi’s popularity factor, do you think BJP will win a third term?Govind Singh Dotasra: No, BJP is already on a ventilator. It is impossible for them to win a third term. Had it been so easy, their leaders would not have been camping in Rajasthan each alternate day. From PM to union ministers, they are holding election meetings and roadshows every other day which shows that they are doubtful of winning a third term.IANS: How many seats do you think Congress will win this time?Govind Singh Dotasra: We did some homework before distributing tickets. We are confident of winning a couple of more seats than BJP this time.IANS: Ashok Gehlot is camping in Sirohi. He did not even visit Jodhpur, his home constituency.Govind Singh Dotasra: It is natural for him to give more time in Jalore-Sirohi as his son has been fielded from there. He visited Jodhpur during the filing of the nomination of another candidate. He has also visited Churu and Jhunjhunu. He is visiting places across the state to support the party. It’s just a rumour that he has been camping in Jalore-Sirohi only.IANS: What about the differences between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot? Congress’ candidates are still being identified as Gehlot or Pilot’s men in these elections.Govind Singh Dotasra: These fractions are in your mind. No such differences exist between us. We are working as a team to win this time. For us, all candidates are party candidates and there is no such differentiation between Pilot or Gehlot candidates.IANS: Why was an alliance delayed in Rajasthan?Govind Singh Dotasra: Alliances for any party are always decided by the party’s high command. We formed an alliance with RLP in Nagaur and with CPI-M in Sikar. However, we were unable to accept the demands of BAP. Our disagreements with them were over seat-sharing. However, despite differences, we have decided to support BAP in Banswara to make democracy and the Constitution win.IANS: But Congress is also contesting the Banswara seat?Govind Singh Dotasra: We have instructed our workers to support the BAP candidate in Banswara. There was some miscommunication in Banswara. We decided on the alliance with BAP a little late. On the last day of nomination withdrawals, we conveyed to our candidate that he should withdraw his nomination. However, due to some miscommunication, he was unable to take it back. We have now asked our workers to support the BAP candidate. We will take disciplinary action against those who will not abide by party rulings.IANS: There were some issues with RLP in Nagaur as well.Govind Singh Dotasra: We have formed an alliance with RLP in Nagaur and also sacked Tejpal Mirdha after we received complaints against him. IANS: BJP has said that thousands of Congressmen have joined their party. How many Congressmen have joined the BJP?Govind Singh Dotasra: BJP has been trained to lie. They lie in such a manner that everyone believes them. They said that Lalchand Kataria joined the BJP with 7,000 workers while Rahul Kaswan joined the Congress alone. IANS: But veterans like Lalchand Kataria, Rajendra Yadav and Mahendrajit Singh Malviya have joined the BJP.Govind Singh Dotasra: Out of these, only Malviya got a ticket from Banswara. And we know that he will not win this Lok Sabha election.IANS: PM Modi visited Jaipur Rural, Churu, Barmer and Dausa. There will be a tough contest on all these seats. Will PM Modi’s visit work in the BJP’s favour?Govind Singh Dotasra: BJP’s only campaigner is PM Modi. He has been sent for campaigning everywhere where they think there will be a close contest. We have seen how BJP President J.P. Nadda’s rally failed while PM Modi’s rally in Churu also failed. His (PM Modi) roadshow in Dausa also was not up to the mark. It is the PM Modi who is travelling everywhere as the star BJP campaigner. They claim to make it ‘400 paar’ but they won’t even cross 200. Had they been confident of 400, PM Modi might not have been travelling in each lane and each city of the country. The more PM Modi addresses the rallies the more it is beneficial for Congress because he lacks knowledge about local facts. Renowned saint Baba Ramdev was born in Barmer but PM Modi is telling people that he was born in J&K.IANS: Why did Congress fail to field any Muslim or Brahmin candidate?Govind Singh Dotasra: We had fielded a Brahmin candidate from Jaipur but he returned the ticket. Then we fielded C.P. Joshi from Bhilwara. We also were in touch with Muslims. However, they said that they wanted to make democracy and the Constitution win this time and asked us to give tickets to other candidates.IANS: BJP has also criticised the Congress manifesto.Govind Singh Dotasra: Our leader Rahul Gandhi travelled across the country. This manifesto was drafted after taking suggestions from different sections of the society. Ours is a people’s manifesto.–IANSarc/dan

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