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Former Model Sells Her Urine At Rs 5,200/Jar, Films Herself Peeing In A Bikini As Some Enjoy Popsicles Made Out Of It!


Former Model Sells Her Urine At Rs 5,200 Per Jar Online & Films Herself Peeing For Customers(Photo Credit: Instagram)

While many of us are working hard to make a living, some people look for different ways to make money that do not require a lot of work. Some engage in online trading or making videos on social media but a former model and photographer have found a creative way of making money.

A former OnlyFans model named Kactus Kutie, who makes adult cam videos, claims to have made money through selling her urine. She claims to have been selling her urine online and reveals how did she enter this business. Scroll down to know more.

The model began her adult cam videos in 2016 and claims that she can make a video of peeing for over 10 minutes. Talking to Daily Star, she said, “My first video was of me peeing by a creek – a very short, very simple video but that was the catalyst for people ordering pee customs from me. I peed in bikinis, my underwear, overalls, trash cans, flower vases, outdoors, and so much more!”

Kactus Kutie having worked as a professional photographer, how she sold sells a three-ounce medical cup of urine for $70 (Rs 5,207). However, she also grants discounts to customers who want to buy larger amounts. When asked what customers do with her urine, he revealed that customers use her urine for all kinds of things. Not just that she cites one user who used her pee for preparing popsicles.

“I also sell custom videos of me filling the cups if my fans want to see how it was made,” said Kactus Kutie adding that her fans were stunned at her steel bladder. “I have plenty of five to 10-minute videos of me peeing in lots of different positions. I usually drink at least two giant cups of tea and one of my reusable cups of water before those kinds of scenes,” Kutie said.

Kactus Kutie also spoke on how the location is extremely important for her to shoot the videos. She said, “I, personally, feel the most sensual, liberated, and connected to my body when I’m outdoors. Peeing outdoors is an incredible feeling – having a spot where you can say ‘I peed there!”

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