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Congress questions ties of Chang Chung-ling with Adani Group


New Delhi, Feb 2 (IANS) Attacking the government over the Hindenburg report on the Adani Group, the Congress on Thursday questioned the relation between Chinese businessman Chang Chung-ling and the Adani group.

Citing the report, Congress leader Pawan Khera at a press conference said, “As per Hindenburg Research, Chang Chung-ling runs (or used to run) a firm called Gudami International, which was identified as part of an investigation into government fraud in the Adani Group’s alleged circular trading of gems and that Chang Chung-ling and Vinod Adani’s Singapore residential address was the same”

“The most sensational revelation that has gone unnoticed by the Indian media so far, is that of the relationship between the Adani Group and Chang Chung-ling, a Chinese businessman of questionable antecedents,” he said.

The report says, “This is a significant matter, not only for the sake of the shareholders but also for the national security of India,” he added.

He said the Modi government has maintained a stoic silence on the Hindenburg Research report, as if nothing has happened.

“We want to tell PM Modi that we have nothing to say if you cheat your best friend, but shall not keep quiet if you cheat the investors of India – 29 crore policy holders of LIC and 45 crore account holders of SBI,” he added.



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