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Canola Oil is the beauty bestie we all need for glowing skin, nails and healthy hair


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Are you a sucker for healthy skin and hair? Who wouldn’t be? It’s no exaggeration that with our packed days we barely get a minute to devote to self-care. It’s so underrated but if you’re someone who finds an hour every day to tend to the moods of yourself, skin, and hair, kudos to you! If not regularly, let’s get you to work on your rest day. Not the one that has you sit glued to your desk or gets you to parade around the four walls of your office. 


There’s more to life outside our daily jobs and how do we let ourselves know this? Pick up a beauty hero because ignorance isn’t bliss when me-time is in the question. Our eyes were on heavy-duty scrolling through all that the internet had to offer and it looks like Canola Oil is our latest obsession. What is it that we’re introducing you to every other day? This can be worth it and a hit for your skin and hair. 



As obvious as it can get, canola seeds are used to extract the oil. Found tremendously in Canada, it’s no rare thing but is easily accessible. From kitchen to beauty kit, this lightweight oil can improve the health of your skin, hair, and nails. Start with a patch test and then go ahead with using it once a week. The oleic acid and linoleic acid both help moisturise and don’t we all know that the lack of nourishment increases the chances of skin and scalp dryness and hair breakages? Use some on your nails, as the oil can keep your nails moisturised and lustrous. 


Vitamin E as an antioxidant initiates hair growth. Slather minimal quantity as to any oil when applied extra can weigh it down, you do not want uncalled woes. Dandruff needs no excuse to crop up, looks like an a-year-round tenant that refuses to vacate. But, with canola oil that entails anti-inflammatory properties, dandruff and excessive itchiness can be combated. 


Just like how avocados naturally boast of sun-shielding powers, canola oil aids in protecting your hair and skin from the harsh UV rays, pollution, and the dryness humidity can bring along. Need no SPF in monsoon you think? Please stop at it and use it before you head out. Thank goodness for saturated and unsaturated fatty acids that are responsible for the lipids. These hold the key to offering shine, exactly what dry hair needs. 


Have you tried this oil before? Let us know in the comments below. 

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