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Al-Shabaab leader threatens more bloodshed in Kenya



The threat came a day after Kenya declared triumph over a group of Al-Shabaab gunmen, who stormed the Westgate shopping mall in the capital Nairobi on Saturday to start a four-day standoff with security forces, Xinhua reported.

In an audio massage, Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane said his fighters launched the attack on Westgate to retaliate Kenya's troop presence in southern Somalia.

Godane, also known as Abu Zubeyr, told Kenyans to withdraw their troops from Somalia or face similar attacks.

"Today make a decision and withdraw your troops from Islamic regions (of Somalia); otherwise be ready for more bloodshed in your land economic collapse and displacement," Abu Zubeyr said.

Kenya sent thousands of troops into southern Somalia in October 2011 after Al-Shabaab militants kidnapped foreigners from Kenyan territory.

Kenyan officials put the death toll of the attack at 72, including 61 civilians, six security agents and five terrorists.

The Kenya government has indicated the toll could rise as there might be bodies trapped inside the collapsed building.

The east African country started a three-day national mourning Wednesday.

The Somali government condemned the attacks as inhumane and heartless, vowing to defeat the Al Qaeda-linked group in Somalia.

Thousands of Somalis in Kenya led by Somali Ambassador Mohamed Ali Ameriko distanced themselves from Al-Shabaab by supporting the rescue efforts and donating blood to help the victims.

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