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8 Winter Hair Color Trends We Didn’t See Coming (But Need Immediately)


Every season, like clockwork, I get the urge to change my hair color. There’s something about the weather starting to shift that makes me want to mix it up. Last season, I went for classic highlights to warm up my face, but this season, I have my eye on some of the biggest trends for inspiration. 

This season is all about soft, natural-looking color to play up your features. Bold, vibrant colors of seasons past are taking a back seat to more wearable hues. Luckily, we talked to colorists to get the lowdown on this season’s biggest trends. Get ready to screenshot your favorites to show your colorist—you’re about to have the best winter hair of your life.

“Instead of blondes going warm for fall and winter, which is typical, going more of a natural blonde is a big trend,” says Garnier consulting celebrity colorist Nikki Lee. Opt for blended highlights for straw-colored hair. 

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If you want a super-low-maintenance blonde, go for a mix between blonde and brunette. “Blondes are going a bit darker, more ‘bronde’ than blonde,” says Amanda George, celebrity colorist and owner of Roil Salon. “Less bright blonde and more golden or caramel shades.”

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Lee says that if you’re a redhead looking to mix things up, copper is the color for you this season. Copper is a versatile color—you can go light or dark, and it looks good on virtually everyone. 

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“Dimensional brunette like Mandy Moore’s is the perfect brunette color for fall and winter,” Lee says. “It’s the perfect balance of warm and cool, which works for almost anyone.” Weave in rich ribbons of color for a brunette that pops. 

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Add in red-toned highlights to brunette hair. “Ask your colorist to gloss highlights to these warm tones and to keep contrast in the hair for extra dimension,” says Mark Ryan hair colorist Cassandra Cuccia. “These shades aid in hair appearing shiny and healthy due to reflection of light. This tonality adds warmth to the skin, enhancing your complexion.”

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Though many are opting for more natural blonde tones this winter, icy blonde is still having a moment. “Think clean, snowy, cream tones,” Cuccia says. “These neutral-to-cool colors look more refined for the colder months. When going to the salon, ask your colorist to lift your blonde slightly paler, especially through the ends. If your natural coloring is dark, ask your colorist to blend and shadow your highlights at the root. This allows for better grow-out while maintaining brightness.”

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If you want to go darker, be sure to impart tons of shine to hair to make it look more dimensional. “Whether the hair is long or short, it’s the shine for us,” says Lee. We have to agree. 

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Traditional red is less prominent this winter after having a moment this fall, but reddish-brown is trending. “A rich auburn is best for the cooler seasons,” says George. Go for super blended, multi-tonal color. 

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