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We’ve bonded over more than just music: Band Sanam


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Mumbai, Feb 12 : The independent four-piece music band Sanam, also known as Fab Four, have come up with its latest single "Sanam mennu". The band members, who share a strong bond that goes beyond music, say they have never focused on working in Bollywood.

The band will be featured on MTV Beats music channel this month for two of its shows — "MTV Beats Spotlight: Dil Beats with Sanam Band" and "Love Shots".

The band comprises four musicians — Sanam Puri (lead vocals), Samar Puri (lead guitar), Venky S. aka Venkat Subramaniyam (bass guitar) and Keshav Dhanraj (drums).

They say with time and hardship, they have grown as musicians.

"When we started, we did not have a recording studio, good equipment, or enough money to own them. So there were days when we had frustration, we struggled to find a way to record our songs at home, and some background noise ruined them.

"But we have grown from there. As people, we are much more mature; and as musicians, our musicality has increased by collaborating with other musicians," Keshav told IANS.

Seconding that, Sanam said: "We are together for more than music. And we do not believe in competition. We believe that all artists have their own journey and there is no point of measuring achievement based on others’ success.

"What is the point in putting ourselves in stress by overworking to compete with each other? As a band, we believe in staying happy… Leave the world with a happy memory. I see no reason for continuing work with dissatisfaction."

The band has worked in some films, but they do not work in that zone very often.

Samar said: "The focus is not there really, we are happily surviving in independent music, and we are also fine financially. People love our music… Now we are excited about our upcoming songs that will be shown on MTV."

But is there any specific reason behind wanting to remain indepedent musicians?

Samar said: "Honestly, Sanam and I do not like doing music when we are given a task. That is what happens in Bollywood, where we have to listen to the producer and filmmaker. We have to understand who likes which musical part of it and, accordingly, we have to create music.

"As creative people, we want freedom."

Asked what is their preferred place to perform — a studio and stage — they chose the latter.

Venky S, the bass guitarist, said: "I really enjoy performing live because that is the real test of an artist. It gives us a chance to get connected with the people who we are playing for.

"It is a real high that defines the dynamics between artists and the audience. The studio is different… There we look for perfection and are focused on one song. So, we try to record the best of our songs there."

On how various music festivals are helping independent music to survive, Samar said: "I think festivals and digital platforms equally help musicians like us to grow. If your song is really good and it is touching people’s hearts, they will surely share it with other friends and that is how we are reaching out to a bigger audience."

As a band, they composed the Hindi version of Hollywood superhit film "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", and managed to create their own original sound.

Was that a conscious effort?

Sanam said: "One conscious effort that we make is that we do not want to sound like other bands. We want to celebrate original sound.

"Why we sound different is also because each song we compose together, the four of us… We have different musical influences" and that percolates into one song. "In Bollywood, there is one composer for a song, and that’s the difference."

Being a handsome young man, who has appeared in many "Fav Four" music videos, does Sanam wish to act in a Bollywood film?

"No, I don’t want to get into acting. It’s good to be focused on one thing at a time, and I am not one who wants to do everything. Apart from music, I prefer to spend time with family, friends and my dogs," Sanam said.


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