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‘The Other Zoey’ trailer is a light-hearted dramedy showing comically accidental romance

‘The Other Zoey’ trailer is a light-hearted dramedy showing comically accidental romanceSeptember 21, 2023New Delhi, Sep 21 (IANS) The trailer for actress Josephine Langford’s new rom-com film ‘The Other Zoey’, and is a fun and light-hearted teen-drama-romance-dramedy which shows the blooming of an accidental and unlikely romance.The trailer follows the character of Zoey Miller (Langford), a super smart computer major who is completely uninterested in romance and is rather a snobby know-it-all.A take on the stereotypical American portrayal of intellectual girls, Zoey has her life thrown upside down when Zach (Starkey), a typical popular college soccer player whom she has little interest in, and even a certain level of dislike, gets amnesia.Initially, the two start off on completely wrong terms with Zack passing snarky and sarcastic remarks while Zoey takes a dig at his sarcasm and wisecracks. Both part ways with an instant dislike.Things suddenly turn around when one day a car rams into Zack, leading him to becoming an amnesiac. In a comical turn of events, Zoey, who is pretty much the exact polar opposite of Zack, becomes his accidental girlfriend as the amnesiac Zack mistakes her for his own girlfriend whose name also happens to be Zoey.Elsewhere, much like the title of the movie, audiences are given a look at the ‘real’ Zoey or rather ‘the other Zoey’, who is a typical college beauty diva and wonders whether Zack has dumped her, unaware about his amnesia.Partly responsible for his condition, Zoey is now left to care for the amnesia-stricken Zack and play-act as his girlfriend. Things then go towards the drama point when she meets Zach’s cousin, Miles (Renaux), with whom she has a lot in common.Both are geniuses and computer wizards and because of that, Zoey is instantly attracted to Miles. But now she is caught in a weird situation full of emotional turmoil, because as she pretends to be Zack’s girlfriend, Zoey actually begins to have romantic interest in him.Pretending to be that ‘other Zoey’, this version of Zoey now realises that she has feelings for both of them and doesn’t even know who she likes more. It is further complicated when her fictional romance with Zack turns into something real for her, forcing her to confront the fears she harbours and make an impossible decision.’The Other Zoey’ trailer has a production and atmosphere very similar to that of most American sitcom serials and rom-com films, and is tonally very similar as well.Theme is awkward and creatively quite unique, even though it does present a stereotypical image of the average American rom-com style, though this time in a bit of satirical sense. Pretty self-aware of what it is, ‘The Other Zoey’ looks like a nice and fun watch with quite a lot of entertainment to offer.The movie stars Josephine Langford, Drew Starkey and Archie Renaux.The movie also has a strong supporting cast which includes Andie MacDowell, Heather Graham and Patrick Fabian.The film is directed by Sara Zandieh, written by Matthew Tabak, and will premiere on Prime Video on October 20, 2023.–IANSanv/aa/khz

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