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Tesla launches official API documentation to support 3rd-party apps


Tesla launches official API documentation to support 3rd-party appsOctober 16, 2023San Francisco, Oct 16 (IANS) Electric car company Tesla has released official application programming interface (API) documentation to support third-party apps.At this moment, the API only covers the command that you can send to your car through the Tesla app, and it can ping the data from your car that goes to the app, reports Electrek.The change is going to make official all the third-party fleet management apps and smartwatch integration apps, etc.Elon Musk-run company has earlier spoken about a software development kit (SDK) to create a full third-party app ecosystem for its vehicles.The automaker has now officially released API documentation, a key step toward creating a third-party app community around its cars.“All third-party apps are going to have to go through the new API starting next year,” according to Tesla.“Starting 2024, most vehicles will require sending commands via Tesla Vehicle Command SDK,” it added.In August, Tesla’s app gained support for automation with Apple Shortcuts.Tesla owners who own an iPhone can use Siri to activate Apple Shortcuts automations without utilising third-party apps like Tessie to do so, according to reports.Meanwhile, Tesla produced 430,488 vehicles in the third quarter of 2023, a 10 per cent drop from the previous quarter.In the third quarter, the company produced over 430,000 vehicles and delivered over 435,000 vehicles.The company delivered 435,059 vehicles in Q3, a 6.6 per cent decrease over the previous quarter but a 26.5 per cent increase year over year.Tesla will officially report its Q3 earnings on October 18.–IANSna/https://ians.in/detail/tesla-launches-official-api-documentation-to-support-3rd-party-apps–20231016100402/

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