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Taapsee calls up ‘Blurr’ director after watching his ‘Section 375’


Mumbai, Dec 14 (IANS) Actress Taapsee Pannu, who is receiving a lot of positive response to her recently released streaming movie ‘Blurr’, “badly” wanted to work with the film’s director Ajay Bahl, who is known for films like ‘B.A. Pass’ and ‘Section 375’.

Taapsee, as once mentioned by director Anurag Kashyap, is known for chasing projects with potential and putting them together – ‘Badla’, ‘Dobaaraa’ and ‘Blurr’ are some of the examples. For ‘Blurr’, the actress approached Ajay through her co-producer Vishal Rana and asked him to work on ‘Blurr’ as a director with herself serving as the co-producer.

Talking about the same, she told IANS, “Ajay sir is one of those directors I badly wanted to work with! I remember messaging him after watching ‘Section 375’ about how much I admired his work and craft. After becoming a co-producer on ‘Blurr’, I recommended Vishal (co-producer) to reach-out to Ajay Bahl and crossed my fingers that he agrees to direct it.”

She further mentioned, “So many times I have reached out to directors whose work I am fond of but not every time it materialises into a film. This was the first time I managed to do it because now I am in the capacity of a producer. I am so glad he gave it a nod because he was my top choice for this kind of a film.”

The film presents the story of a woman, Gayatri (played by Taapsee), who finds out about the untimely death of her twin sister, who was visually impaired. She then tries to uncover the mystery behind the death while struggling with her own eyesight.

While the film presents an intense narrative, it was Taapsee’s co-actors in the film which kept her cool allowing her some downtime and not being overwhelmed with the emotional impact of the role and also her duties as a producer.

She shared with IANS, “I think the rest of the cast including Gulshan Devaiah are the people who actually made it lighter for me. While I was doing intense stuff in front of the camera, they really helped me reduce my anxiety because there was so much happening in my head being the producer along with this dual role.”

“There was so much intensity in front of the camera, I really needed some happy moments off screen and Gulshan and my supporting cast did help me bring about that off the camera”, she added.

When asked what sensibilities did she have to keep in mind for ‘Blurr’ as a producer, she replied, “I just wanted a good quality film because firsts are always special. You never get a chance to do ‘the first’ again so when people talk about your first film they should remember it for years.”

“The biggest currency of good art is time. So I wanted people even decades later to remember this film. That’s all I was concentrating on considering it was my first ever production”, she concluded.



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