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T. S. Nandakumar Unveils ‘Intricacies of the Mridangam’ in Latest Book Release

This book describes end to end playing techniques of Mridangam and elaborates unique concepts in Music


T. Shankaranarayanan Nandakumar, a distinguished figure in Carnatic music, particularly known for his expertise in playing the Mridangam, introduces his latest work, “Intricacies of Mridangam,” aimed at preserving and passing on the rich heritage of this ancient South Indian percussive instrument. With a career dedicated to promoting Indian classical music globally, Nandakumar emphasizes the need to impart the intricate knowledge he acquired from his masters to the younger generation.

Renowned for his versatility in various percussion instruments and his role as an accompanist to esteemed Carnatic musicians, Nandakumar’s influence extends worldwide. Through TSN’s Percussive Arts Centre, he has provided a platform for aspiring musicians to refine their skills and collaborate within the Carnatic arts domain. The book launch serves a dual purpose, offering a comprehensive guide to Mridangam playing techniques while also supporting TSNPAC’s educational initiatives.

Nandakumar’s commitment to cultural diplomacy and musical education underscores his belief in the boundless horizon of music, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. His accolades, including prestigious awards and recognition, reflect his significant contributions to Carnatic music’s preservation and propagation. Through teaching, performances, and philanthropy, Nandakumar continues to fulfill his lifelong mission of spreading the divine essence of music worldwide.

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