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Suspense over Rajasthan CM face will be over soon: Narayan Panchariya


Suspense over Rajasthan CM face will be over soon: Narayan PanchariyaDecember 6, 2023Jaipur, Dec 6 (IANS) At a time when suspense over the CM’s face continues in Rajasthan and the desert state is witnessing protests over the murder of Shri Karni Sena president Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi, the BJP’s election campaign committee convenor, Narayan Panchariya confirmed that law and order will be strengthened under the BJP’s rule.“Neither will there be any mafia nor any gunda raj. We will ensure that law and order is fully implemented in the state and women will be safe,” Narayan Panchariya said.On the question of the suspense over the CM’s face in the three states where the BJP recorded a thumping victory he said, “The announcement should come soon. Everything has a time limit. As soon as the names of the CMs of the three states are finalised on the central level, we will hold a meeting of MLAs and the final formalities will be done here.”Narayan Panchariya was deputed as the BJP election campaign committee convenor at a time when the party looked fragmented. There were different groups in the state and the ‘Jan Aakrosh Yatras’ were not very successful.Asked how the party became united a few months before polls, Narayan Panchariya answered, “BJP workers united under one umbrella and the entire organisation worked together. Our party workers were trained and different workshops were organised from time to time. We went to the elections as if we were going to war.”“As soon as the elections were announced, we went together to win the war. So speculation related to factionism came to an end as we presented a united face. However, factions were seen in the Congress till the last minute which was clear in front of the people of the party,” he added.–IANSarc/rad

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