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St Louis Bal Vihar marks Yoga Day

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ST LOUIS, MO — The Center for Indian Cultural Education, also known as Bal Vihar of St. Louis, hosted the 3rd International Day of Yoga (IDY) on June 17 in St. Louis, MO.

The event highlighted how yoga, the ancient Indian system of physical, mental and spiritual exercises that help one to control and relax both mind and body, played an important role in healthy living in the realization of the sustainable development goals.

The program was held at the Mahatma Gandhi Center, located in Manchester, MO with local yoga teachers presenting hour-long sessions to adults and children.
There were also discussions conducted by the yoga professionals on the Patanjali Sutras of yoga and how to make it a daily practice. Different styles of yoga including Kundalini were introduced.

This well-attended event not only educated the community members on the health benefits of yoga and encouraged them to take better care of their health, but also gave participants yoga tools to relieve stress, focus, relax and potentially alleviate chronic aches and pain.
Founded in 1992, Bal Vihar promotes, instils and fosters the Indian culture in children of Indian origin aged 5 through 16 years. Its curriculum presents a broad spectrum: from Indian cultural values, to geography and history, to festivals, to religion.
Completing its 25th year of service with a current enrolment of about 450 students, Bal Vihar continues to help the future citizens and achievers of America to discover their cultural identity, and to appreciate its application in their life and in the multicultural and multifaceted society that they live in.