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Shreyas Talpade details weight transformation for song ‘Om Namah Shivay’


Shreyas Talpade details weight transformation for song ‘Om Namah Shivay’August 31, 2023Mumbai, Aug 31 (IANS) Actor Shreyas Talpade is currently winning people’s hearts with the song ‘Om Namah Shivay’ for which he underwent a very hard and inspiring weight transformation journey, as the song required him to gain weight and then lose it immediately as he had to embark on another shoot.The ‘Iqbal’ actor, speaking about his weight transformation journey said: “This is my first devotional song in Hindi dedicated to Shiv ji that has been shot in Banaras ghats. I had to sport a completely different look with a choti and beard. Alongside that, there was a challenge to gain weight for the project.”The actor said: “One thing was to gain weight and the other was to lose it immediately after shooting as that was the requirement for my next project. I had to follow a strict diet and fitness regime to get that.”The song also features Tanishaa Mukerji alongside Shreyas, with the whole narrative of the video revolving around a family following their way towards spirituality and mental peace by offering their respect to the almighty Lord Shiva.Shreyas is shown as bhakt of Lord Shiva in the video, which actually mirrors his real life spirituality as he is actually a devotee of Mahadev.The song was released on the final Monday of the Sawan month and, for devotees of Lord Shiva, the timing couldn’t have been better.The actor called the track a very special thing for him and said: “Well, it is an honour to be a part of a song that celebrates Mahadev. He’s the ultimate and we are all because of him. This song is very special to me and the rhythm is very soothing and pleasing to the ears.”Regarding the success of the song, Shreyas said: “The entire team has worked very hard for the final output. We have been getting some amazing responses and I am loving it. In today’s time when there are so many songs released in frequent intervals, it becomes difficult to create a niche.”“However, this track which is all about our love and devotion for Shiv ji has resonated well right from the first day. I am so glad and happy. Mahadev’s blessings are with the song. Thank you all for praising the song. Har Har Mahadev”, he added.‘Om Namah Shivay’ is currently trending and the timing of the release makes it all the way more appealing.–IANSanv/prw

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