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K-pop band ‘Seventeen’ drops new album ‘17 is Right Here’


K-pop band ‘Seventeen’ drops new album ‘17 is Right Here’April 29, 2024Mumbai, April 29 (IANS) South Korean boy band ‘Seventeen’ has released their album ‘17 is Right Here’ along with a music video for the lead single ‘Maestro’.The album, which comes in two CDs, includes four new tracks, Korean versions of eight previously-released Japanese lead singles, 20 lead singles from past Korean releases, and a digital-only instrumental version of the group’s debut single, ‘Adore U’.The song ‘Maestro’ brings in elements from the band’s past seven releases like ‘Adore U’, ‘VERY’ NICE’, ‘Oh My’, ‘Fear’, ‘Rock with you’, ‘CHEERS’ and ‘Super’. It’s an R&B track that aligns with the band’s core message around solidarity. The music video of the song is set in a dark dystopian world where anything, including music and art, can be easily created with technology. The 13 members of the band explore the concept of ‘true creation’ as they confront and eventually embrace the unfamiliar beings introduced to them.In addition to the lead single, the band has also released three distinct unit tracks. ‘Lalali’ captures the band’s laid-back confidence, ‘Spell’ conveys their sentiment of love, while ‘Cheers to Youth’ embodies the simple joys of life.According to PLEDIS Entertainment, ‘17 is Right Here’ received more than 3 million pre-orders 10 days before its official release.Band members, including S.Coups, Wonwoo, Woozi, Mingyu, The8, Vernon, and Dino, have all taken part in the production.–IANSaa/arm

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