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Sarapatta Parambarai, Ghani to Liger: Here’s how boxing became an integral part of sports genre in South films


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Movies are the main source of entertainment, with second place to sports, be it cricket, hockey, Kabbadi or anything. And when these two come together, the anticipation for netizens gets higher than ever before. Lately, the film industry is riding high on the sports genre, especially boxing, the new hot game which is exciting the filmmakers and actors but are they to audiences? Well, maybe to an extent. Sports movies carry a lot of expectations and judgments as it demonstrates more than a spokesperson just throwing punches. It also shows the crescendo of a person’s life drama. And when a story of a sports person whom we often see on the ground comes to the screen, we judge the actor playing the character more than the story or anything that matters. 
The Telugu and Tamil film industries, especially, have been increasingly investing in sports movies most specifically in boxing as they let them explore the entire gamut of emotions and drama that come with the story of an individual, often an underdog, who strives against the odds to emerge a winner and make his nation proud. 
For actors and filmmakers, such films are challenging, not just physically, and mentally but also for their careers and box office records. But for instance, if these movies work out, the aftermath of the actor’s growth is unimaginable in any way. For example, Arya in Sarpatta Parambarai as a boxer had brought the story of the rival boxing clans, Sarpatta and Idiyappam Parambarai to the audiences and imprinted in the hearts and minds with his performance on such a level that a person who doesn’t know that particular sportsperson also loved it. Given the fact that sports films as a genre draw audience attention easily, these films have become important to regional stars in the context of the pan-India scenario. In 2022, a few boxing movies were released and a few are scheduled to be over in the next few months. 
But going back to give a glimpse of this boxing filmography, only a few have made a mark. Although Varun Tej’s boxing film Ghani made a lot of expectations to become his career’s best because of the physical transformation and other factors, but when presented on the screen, it poorly disappointed the audiences. The actor himself said that the ideation didn’t translate well on screen. 
But that doesn’t mean boxing movies are new to the filmy world. Be it Irudhi Suttru or Badri, quite a few did wonders but it is also important to mention that these films have not completed focused on boxing itself, they had romance, comedy, and emotions. Nowadays sports films are truly determined to tell the story of a sports person, which indeed is the best. Some succeed to win audiences and some lack. Nevertheless, we have Vijay Deverakonda’s pan-Indian film Liger in line for release. The film has been carrying crazy anticipation ever its inception but it is to be awaited and watched if Vijay Deverakonda will impress everyone with his boxing stint.


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