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Sakshi Pradhan found shooting for traumatic scenes in ‘Qaatil Haseena’ ‘mentally exhausting’


Mumbai, May 24 (IANS) Actress Sakshi Pradhan, who plays Shanaya, a relentless killer, in the upcoming film ‘Qaatil Haseena’, has shared that shooting for the traumatic scenes in the movie was tough and mentally exhausting for her.

Talking about the challenges she faced while portraying Shanaya, Sakshi, who was part of ‘Bigg Boss 4’, said: “Some of the emotional scenes, where my character reflects on the past trauma, were mentally exhausting. Tapping into those deep emotions while maintaining the authenticity of the character was a real challenge.”

“I did my homework before I entered the set, as much as I could in the limited time. I was uncomfortable at the start, but we did every scene with the point of view that the film should look authentic, and every scene has a meaning. The kissing scene in the film was more about expressing love than lust,” she added.

In the film, Sakshi plays a complex and multifaceted individual.

“On the surface, they might appear calm and composed, but underneath lies a burning desire for revenge. This character has experienced a significant trauma or betrayal, which fuels her quest for justice. It’s a character driven by emotion, and a relentless pursuit of retribution, making her both captivating and unpredictable,” said Sakshi, who also starred in the TV show ‘Naagin 3’.

On how she prepared for the film, the ‘Ragini MMS: Returns’ actress said: “To be honest, I had very little time to prepare. I was cast three days before the shooting started, so for two days, while I was reading the script, I got involved in a deep dive into the character’s psyche and motivations. My experience of being in the acting field for 13 years helped me get into Shanaya’s character and catch the details of her inner wants.”

The murder mystery also starring Sharon Panday and Vikram Sakhalkar is set to release on ALTT on May 31.



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