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PSG-Montpellier match postponed over France yellow vests protests


Paris, Dec 4: Paris Saint Germain on Tuesday announced that the Montpellier clash was postponed by the Paris Police Prefecture, until further notice, due to ongoing protests against rising fuel prices and the cost of living in France.

The protest movement, named after the high visibility jackets worn by participants and mobilized largely through social media, grew quickly after President Emmanuel Macron announced plans to raise taxes on diesel and gasoline, but turned sour in Paris over the weekend as violent clashes erupted with riot police, reports Efe.

In a move to maintain the safety of fans, the match, originally set for Saturday, is to be rescheduled by Ligue 1.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe Tuesday announced plans to hike fuel taxes had been suspended, following an emergency cabinet meeting called by Macron to analyse the response to the protests.

The fuel tax increase was due to come into effect on January 1, 2019.

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