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Party songs promoted first to sell films: Shweta


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New Delhi, April 15: With a sudden growth of party numbers seen in recent Hindi cinema, Singer Shweta Pandit says such songs get promoted first because it helps in selling films.

The singer, who has crooned foot-tapping songs like "Thug Le", "Kiya Kiya" and "Halla Re" adds that there is an audience for each genre when it comes to music.

"I feel there is an audience for each and every kind of genre for music, but of course party songs are the ones that get promoted first to sell the film. That’s the reason when you see them, you’d know that this a popular song and is a part of this particular film.So it instantly gets attracted and becomes popular in terms of the youth," Pandit told IANS.

The 29-year-old actress says party songs help in "getting attention" towards a particular film.

"I think party songs are a way of getting a persons attention towards the film. But eventually it is the melodies that sustain," she added.

The "Soni Soni Akhiyon Wali" crooner feels that the youth is the major audience, who follow Bollywood music.

"I think largely today the audiences are the youth, who follow Bollywood songs but I strongly believe that we have fans on each side," she added. (Bollywood Country Report) 


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