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Ohlone College Appoints Rakesh Swamy as Dean for Language and Deaf Studies Department


Rakesh Swamy

FREMONT, CA – Ohlone College proudly announces the appointment of Rakesh Swamy as the new Dean of Language, Communication, and Deaf Studies, effective January 1, 2024.

With a tenure at the college dating back to 1998, Swamy brings a wealth of experience, having served in various capacities. As a seasoned faculty member, he has imparted knowledge across all levels of English courses, earning acclaim for his expertise in teaching the transfer-level English elective in World Mythology, with a specific focus on Polynesian and Indian mythologies, as stated in the college’s official announcement.

A native of the Fiji Islands, Rakesh Swamy hails from Fijian Indian descent and completed his Master’s Degree at CSU Hayward (East Bay) before embarking on his journey with Ohlone College as an Instructional Assistant in the English Learning Center. Over time, he ascended to the role of a full-time English faculty member.

Residing in Fremont, Swamy is not only dedicated to his academic role but also deeply committed to both his local community and the college. Beyond the classroom, he actively engages in attending community events, exploring and celebrating his dual heritage, and participating in a variety of activities.

Ohlone College, situated in the heart of the Bay Area, California, welcomes Dean Rakesh Swamy to lead the Language, Communication, and Deaf Studies department into a new era of academic excellence.


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