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Nikki Haley for President in 2024?


Nikki Haley

WASHINGTON, DC-The first Indian American to get a cabinet rank as US ambassador to the UN, Republican leader Nikki Haley, has hinted that she may be running for presidency in 2024.

The former South Carolina governor said on Fox News, “Well, when you’re looking at a run for president, you look at two things. You first look at, ‘does the current situation push for new?’ The second question is, ‘am I that person that could be that new leader?’”

She added, ““So do I think I could be that leader? Yes, But we are still working through things and we’ll figure it out. I’ve never lost a race. I said that then I still say that now. I’m not going to lose now,”

Nikki’s full name is Nimrata Nikki Randhawa. She was born in South Carolina to immigrant Sikh parents who migrated to the US from India.

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