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‘Neurological disorders account for 70% of childhood disabilities’


Bengaluru, Dec 17 (IANS) Neurological disorders contribute to almost 70 per cent of the burden of disability in childhood and could result in becoming a threat to the development of our country, Karnataka Health Minister K. Sudhakar has said.

Mental health issues and non communicable diseases are on the rise due to current food habits, lifestyle and sleep patterns.

“We now see that among all age groups from youngsters to adults to senior citizens, we are seeing a lot of mental health issues. Due to this, the quality of life is severely affected,” Sudhakar added.

Speaking at the inauguration of the 3rd Indian National Conference of COMHAD, Sudhakar said mental health care is an extremely important part of any health care system.

“The burden of neurological issues is ever-increasing in India and could become a threat to the growth and development of our country, both economically and socially.

“There is a rise in mental health and neurological issues including dementia, paralyzing stroke, epilepsy etc. We will need to create awareness about these issues starting from school children to working professionals. Neurological disorders contribute to almost 70 per cent of the burden of disability in childhood,” Sudhakar added.

“Our state government has taken this up very passionately and we have developed the ‘Hub and Spoke’ model in association with NIMHANS.

“This means NIMHANS will act as a hub and the PHCs in all districts will act as spokes to work together to address the increasing mental health issues. We are trying to train MBBS doctors at the PHCs to diagnose and counsel patients with mental health needs,” said Sudhakar.



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