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Naagin 6, 11th June 2022, Written Update: Mehek is not selected as Shesh Naagin


In today’s episode, Pratha gets hanged to death by the jail authorities. The inspector feels bad for Pratha. Mehek goes to the temple and thinks she has become what she was made to be: a Shesh Naagin and that it is Lord Shiva’s decision. A flashback is shown. Shivang tells Rupa he loves her and wants to have kids. Urvashi bites Rupa and takes her avatar. Nageshwari sees Urvashi and pushes her from the mandap. She snatches all of her powers and says she won’t be an ordinary Naagin. Urvashi and Mehek talk and they find out that they are Rupa’s daughters. 

Mehek asks Shesh Naag to give her the boon of Shesh Naagin. She tells Shesh Naag that Pratha isn’t there anymore and that she will take the position. Farishta comes and says the right time has come. Shesh Naag gives Mehek the Nagmani. The bowl vanishes from farishtha’s hand. The Shesh Naag says she’s not selected as Shesh Naagin. He says he will get all her answers and leaves. Mehek  screams distressfully. Mehek goes to her room. 

Pratha holds her neck. Mehek says she saw her die. Pratha tells her that she came to kill her and Pratha stabs her. Mehek wakes up from her dream but there’s a mark on her back. The inspector goes to Mehek and asks her to sign but she refuses. He asks her how she could do this. He says law may not punish him but karma will. Mehek tells Bahadur to throw Rishab and Pratha’s pictures. Lord Shiva is seen dancing in the temple. Pratha comes out from the ground.

This episode has been watched on the channel’s OTT platform.

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