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‘Mission Impossible, Possible’, Tom Cruise Said To Join As New Iron Man In ‘Dr. Strange 2’



“The Multiverse Is A Concept About Which We Know Frighteningly Little!”

Wonder how this powerful line said by Dr. Strange just keeps on getting repeated with every new trailer you watch?


First said by Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange character to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home, this phrase has become the only simple explanation of all the crazy things that are set to be unleashed.

Well, if you watched No Way Home, you’d know that Dr. Strange and Peter Parker have successfully avoided Wong’s warning to not tamper with time, thereby unleashing the multiverse on the entire world.

© Marvel Studios

Now, while NWH ended on a positive note for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, on the other hand, is now left to deal with the consequences of his actions.

According to the new trailer of the upcoming Dr. Strange 2: Multiverse Of Madness film, the events of NWH have opened portals to the world that no one has any idea about.

This leaves the door open for many unknown or probably known (wink, wink) superheroes or supervillains to show up on this Earth.

Now, with the Multiverse Of Madness trailer already establishing the fact that there now is an Evil Dr. Strange 2, there are some really, really exciting developments.

As per reports, the movie will actually see the introduction of a new Iron Man or better called a Variant Tony Stark, which is rumoured to be played by none other than Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise.

Yeahh! Tom f***ing Cruise!

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According to reports, Tom’s Tony Stark/Iron Man will be one of the characters that would be making their entry to the MCU, with Dr. Strange 2 just being their cameo role.

For people who don’t know, long before the success of Robert Downey Jr. as the much-beloved Iron Man, Marvel had reportedly offered the original Iron Man role to Tom, who had refused it as he considered it was too much of a risk at that time.

© Marvel Studios

It was said that he did not feel ‘it was gonna work’, leading him to pass on the role to Robert Downey Jr. The rest, as you know, was history, with Downey’s performance as the superhero really setting a tone for the whole MCU.

But now, it looks Tom could be righting some of his wrongs by playing the variant Tony Stark.

Super exciting stuff, if I’m to be honest.

The movie is reported to be the cameos of a lot of other superhero characters with X-Men’s Professor X and Magneto also said to be part of the film.

Moreover, we might see the original Mister Fantastic from the OG Fantastic Four movies.

© Disney+Hotstar

Earlier, there had also been reports of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man also returning for the film, with the latter already appearing alongside Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man in No Way Home.

© Disney+Hotstar

© Sony Pictures

Wow, Marvel! This really is some crazy stuff!

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