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India Projected to be Second Largest Economy by 2075



By 2075, according to projections the economic landscape of the world as we know it today, would have dramatically shifted. A new study by the investor website, Insider Monkey, the United States would have fallen to third place in terms of GDP.

China and India will surpass the U.S., taking the first and second spots, respectively.

The U.S. currently holds a 24% share of the global economy, but by 2075 it will see its share shrink to 11.19%. The decline is not the only thing predicted, the decline will accompany a population increase to 389.39 million and a GDP of $36.32 trillion.

China is believed to become the world’s leading economy with a GDP of $66.16 trillion. India is expected to hold the position of the second-largest economy by 2075, with its GDP soaring to $55.64 trillion. India’s population is expected to reach 1.67 billion.

Russia will emerge as the fourth largest economy with a GDP of $8.73 trillion. Indonesia will complete the top five with a GDP of $8.39 trillion.

The top 10 will include some unexpected entrants: Bangladesh at tenth place with a GDP of $5.09 trillion, Ethiopia at seventh with $6.15 trillion, and Turkey at sixth with an $8 trillion economy.

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