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IABC’s MOU with Mentor-On-Road

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CHICAGO, IL – The Indian American Business Council (IABC), a non-profit organization based in Chicago, IL signed a milestone Memorandum of Understanding with the Mentor-on-the-Road (MOR) project, India, a grassroots advocacy group engaged in promoting entrepreneurship, women businesses, and inter-country collaborations via Indian diaspora.

The council is the collaborator of the program in mid-west.

The MOR project is being supported by US Commercial Services, the US Department of Commerce and the US-India Importers’ Council based on whose support, the Ahmedabad-based organization will undertake the 78-day-long drive across America in the June-September period in two legs crisscrossing 30 cities in 24 states.

MOR team will be in Chicago on September 5 and 6. A senior representative of the Ministry of External Affairs, India, will join the MOR.

Jagat Shah, founder of Mentor-on-Road, has tremendous experience and skill in mentoring small and medium businesses and is offering a complimentary talk on how American companies can succeed in India.

The purpose to meet Indian diaspora in the US in each of the 30 cities is to encourage them to engage themselves in Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) in India by contributing their time, experience, network, & ideas to programs like Clean India (Swachh Bharat), Stand up India for women entrepreneurs, Skill India, Digital India, Start-up India, Smart cities / villages/towns and “Make In India”.

IABC has invited Indian diaspora groups to join hands and take advantage of gatherings for knowledge exchange and high-profile networking to have actionable tools and connections.

IABC is an umbrella organization to support small- and medium-size businesses that are interested in expanding their business in India or the US. The services include market analysis, management consulting, background checks, immigration, legal, advocacy, financing and more. All the services are provided either free or at a reduced cost.