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Hindola Utsav Enthralls Devotees at Hindu Mandir of Lake County


GRAYSLAKE, IL- The Hindu Mandir of Lake County in Grayslake, IL, celebrated the special Shravan Masa Hindola Utsav, also known as the swing festival, with great enthusiasm on Sunday, July 16, 2023. The event witnessed the participation of numerous devotees and their family deities. The tradition of Hindola can be traced back 5000 years to Vrindavan, where Mother Yashoda and the Gopis joyfully swayed Lord Krishna on a beautifully decorated swing.

The program commenced with the Lord Ganesh Pujan and the sponsorship Sankalpam, conducted by the temple priests, Pt. Anil Joshi Ji, Pt. Balaji Gopal, and Pt. Radha Krishna. Following the rituals, a special ceremony called Shri Krishna Abhishekam took place, during which Lord Krishna was bathed with various fresh homemade juices and saffron milk. The deity was then adorned with exquisite clothing and ornaments, while Rita Patel and Pt. Devaraj Joshi Ji sang devotional songs (Bhajans), accompanied by Kamalesh Desai and Atul Soni.

Devotees fervently rocked the idol of Lord Krishna on a beautifully decorated swing, immersing themselves in devotion and divine joy. The gentle back and forth motion of the swing evokes a sense of heavenly bliss, transporting one away from the mundane worries of the world and into the realm of spirituality.

Pt. Joshi Ji eloquently narrated the story of Hindola Utsav to all the devotees. He explained that Ma Yashoda organized the Hindola Utsav when Krishna ventured into the forest for the first time to graze the cows. Anticipating his return, she arranged fresh fruits and juices for Krishna and the other cowherd boys (Gopas), ensuring they would be refreshed after their endeavors. In the serene forests of Vrindavan, Ma Yashoda and the Gopis lovingly swayed Lord Krishna on a beautifully decorated swing. During this time, all the celestial beings, including Devi and Devatas, took the form of birds and animals to witness Ma Yashoda’s pure love for her child.

The central message conveyed to the devotees was that nature is created by the Lord, and everything that grows within it belongs to Him. Therefore, it is essential to offer everything to the Lord before consuming it. This principle applies to all food grains, fruits, and anything else we consume throughout the year. Devotees brought their family deities to partake in the grand scale Hindola Utsav, embodying the concept of all Devi and Devatas attending Lord Krishna’s Hindola Utsav. Pt. Joshi Ji blessed all the devotees, wishing them a happy and long life.

Following the Maha Mangalarati, the temple offered Maha Prasadam, consisting of fresh fruits and juices such as lassi, Aam Panna, Thandai, Kichadi, and yogurt, to all the devotees as a divine blessing.



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