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Hari Om Mandir raises funds


CHICAGO, IL — Devotees of the Hari Om Mandir (HOM), Medinah, IL gathered at the Meadows Club, to raise funds for the upcoming projects for the growth and development of their very own Temple.

Along with a lavish dinner and a rocking entertainment program, they enjoyed a wonderful evening of meeting and greeting old-time friends and their family. It was like a family reunion for the Hari Om Parivar to get together for a noble cause.

The lamp-lighting ceremony was performed by executives of FIA, chairperson MAFS, president Executive Board of HOM, chairman, Board of Trustees (BOT), HOM, the guardian of HOM and the chief sponsor, Suga Builders.

The chairman of the fund-raising committee, Anil Saxena, said that the Temple plans to have an elevator installed for the convenience of all the senior members of society. Sat Pal Salwan, chairman, Board of Trustees, urged everybody to donate generously and help the mandir accomplish its goals.

After the Musical Gala planned by Rohit Parekh of Malhar Orchestra, BOT chairman Satpal Salwan awarded a plaque to Ajay Ghai for his unconditional service to the temple on Sundays and special events by playing the Dholak with all the artistes who sing bhajans etc. in the temple. Sangeeta Wadhera was also awarded smooth organization of all events.

HOM president Vipan Wadhera thanked everybody for their continuous support and dedication.