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Dynamix Achievers clinch La Tim Maharaj Prem Singh Trophy with win over Mayfair Polo


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Mumbai, Jan 7 (IANS) Dynamix Achievers clinched the La Tim Maharaj Prem Singh Trophy 2023 after beating Mayfair Polo in the final at the Amateur Riders Club, here on Saturday.

Dynamix Achievers were the first team to enter into the finals as they were the only team to win both their league games.On the other hand, Mayfair Polo were tied for second place with Madon Polo and Sternhagen Polo as they all lost one game and won their other game. 


A penalty shoot took place on Friday to decide the other finalist and Mayfair Polo came out as victors from it.

As per organisers, both teams in the final consisted of four players and the rankings ranged from -2 to +10 as per their performances and skills.

Mayfair Polo team featured Anay Shah (-2), Jayvirsinh Gohil (+1), Siddhant Sharma (+4) and Daniel Otamendi (+5) while Dynamix Achievers had the likes of Mukesh Gurjar (0), Zeeshan Merchant (-2), Chris Mackenzie (+6) and Syed Shamsheer Ali (+4).

In the finals, both Casper West and Nicolas Scortichini served as the umpires and Manuel Llorente was the referee for the game.

In the first chukker of the summit clash, Chris Mackenzie, one of the highest handicapped players in the tournament opened the scoring for Dynamix Achievers. Daniel Otamemdi continued his tremendous form to equalise for Mayfair Polo. Daniel scored once again for Mayfair Polo, the scoreline at the end of the chukker was Dynamix Achievers – Mayfair Polo (2-2).

In the second chukker, Shamsheer Ali scored after a brilliant play from his teammate Chris Mackenzie. Shamsheer Ali scored once again to double Dynamix Achiever’s lead. In the second half of the chukker Dynamix Achiever were awarded a penalty which was scored by Chris Mackenzie.

A penalty was again awarded but this time it was given to Mayfair Polo and Siddhant Sharma scored from it. The scoreline at the end of the chukker was Dynamix Achievers – Mayfair Polo (5-3).

In the third chukker, Chris Mackenzie scored again for Dynamix Achievers even though he had lost his balance on the horse. Siddhant Sharma scored after a brilliant assist from Daniel Otamendi to keep Mayfair Polo in the fight. Shamsheer Ali scored again, this time running from one end of the ground to the other. The scoreline at the end of the chukker was Dynamix Achievers – Mayfair Polo (7-4).

In the fourth chukker, Chris Mackenzie scored a goal from a penalty. Dynamix Achievers were awarded a penalty soon after and it was once again scored by Chris Mackenzie. Siddhant Sharma scored again for Mayfair Polo keeping hopes of a comeback alive.

Shamsheer Ali scored again, doubling Dynamix Achievers lead. Siddhant Sharma scored after a beatiful long grounded shot, he scored again quickly from the restart at the halfway line but unfortunately his effort was not enough and Dynamix Achievers won the game. The scoreline at the end of the chukker was Dynamix Achievers — Mayfair Polo (10-7).

Final scoreline: Dynamix Achievers 10 (Mukesh Gurjar – 0, Zeeshan merchant – 0, Chris Mackenzie – 6, Shamsheer Ali – 4) beat Mayfair Polo 7 (Anay Shah – 0, Jayvirsinh Gohil – 0, Siddhant Sharma – 5, Daniel Otamendi – 2).



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