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Dr Sunil Kaza is Duly Elected Chair of the AAPI Board of Trustees


Dr. Sunil Kaza

NEW YORK, NY- Dr. Sunil Kaza, an eminent cardiologist, was elected as the Chair of the AAPI (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) Board of Trustees (BOT) for 2024-25 on June 8, 2024. The election occurred during the Spring Governing Body meeting at Mint Restaurant in Garden City, NY, with a full quorum and 24 out of 25 votes endorsing Dr. Kaza’s candidacy.

Dr. Lokesh Edara, the current BOT Chair, confirmed the election was conducted transparently and documented promptly. However, Dr. Kaza’s election faced a challenge when the AAPI President conducted an unconventional alternate election via Election Buddy software, raising concerns about the legitimacy and transparency of this process.

Dr. Kaza argues that the alternate election excluded legitimate Governing Body members and contained discrepancies. He remains hopeful for a resolution, suggesting a dialogue between the parties to reach a compromise. Historically, similar disputes have been resolved by sharing the term between candidates.

As BOT Chair, Dr. Kaza aims to implement AAPI’s projects in India, such as promoting the HPV vaccine, increasing CPR awareness, and supporting free health clinics. With extensive experience in leadership roles and a commitment to charitable activities, he is dedicated to advancing AAPI’s mission and projects.

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