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Doctor found dead in NY apartment

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NEW YORK, NY — An Indian American physician was found dead on December 12 in his Park Avenue, New York, apartment, with glassine envelopes of heroin residue near his body.

Ravindra ‘Ravi’ Rajmane, a pulmonary physician at New York University’s School of Medicine, had not been to work since December 8. A co-worker went to his apartment on December 12 with a building maintenance man, and found the physician dead on his bed.

The New York Police Department has not yet determined his death to be self-inflicted as an autopsy has not yet been completed.

The envelopes of heroin residue found near Rajmane’s body were labeled ‘Knock Out King, know n little among drug forums.

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘Knock Out King’ is a frightening game played by teens, who appoint a leader and then choose a defenseless victim at random. The leader then confronts the victim and punches him out cold, while others take a video of the attack.

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