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Dance Fever draws prestigious schools

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ATLANTA, GA — Dance Fever 2017 was held in Atlanta on September 2, with Mumbai-based famous choreographer and reality show judge Geeta Kapoor judging the event.

Dancers from all over the country came to participate in this event which was promoted as the biggest Southeast Asian dance competition. It was held at the Infinite Energy Center, Duluth, Georgia and hosted by Anand Entertainment, a new and upcoming entertainment with the goal of keeping the south Asian culture alive in United States.

The hall was packed with around 500 people all cheering up for the contestants. Prestigious dance schools and many self-taught participants from all over the US competed with one another in both the group and solo category. The audience witnessed different styles of dances ranging from classical, semi classical, Bollywood, fusion, hip-hop and contemporary.

The much-coveted prize for the adult solo dance category went to Sagnika Mukherjee from Sagnika Dance School, while the second prize in this category was bagged by Sridevi Ranjit from Laasya School of Dance

Kunsh Sharma won the first prize in the kids solo while Sharanya Shetty won the second prize. in the kids’ solo section. The first prize in teens went to Aarya Kothari with the second proze going to Akhil Turaga.