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Chicago Mangalureans Lions Club salute Melvin Jones

CHICAGO, IL — The only Mangalureans Lions Club–The Forest Kala Sampath Lions Club—in Chicago celebrated founder of Lions Clubs International Melvin Jones’s 139th birthday with rainbow colors at the Chicago Four Points Hotel Sheraton at O’Hare.

Several clubs in District 1A took part in this magnificent celebration where Past International Director Dan O’Reilly gave an impressive message even as American, Filipino and Indian national anthems were sung with Pledge of Allegiance to the US flag.

“100 years ago, our founder Melvin Jones asked his friends to be the volunteers to help the needy in their communities as there were thousands of soldiers from World War I were wandering around without jobs, families and shelter. This concept of serving the needy today spread all over the world and filled with more than 1.4 million members and more than 210 countries and geographical areas,” he said.

After a sumptuous dinner, Filipino American Lions Club members enacted a skit on unity, and donations were collected with the money being given to battered women in Chicago who have small babies.

One new Melvin Jones Fellow Junior Roque was recognized by District 1A Lions Clubs International Foundation Chairperson Wes Salsbury. Director O’Reilly presented Wes with a Chairman’s Medal for reaching more than $30,000 in contribution for last Lionistic year.

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