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Karo-Na Daan Raised Around $130,000.00 for Needy People of USA/India

NEW YORK NY- All major Gujarati associations across USA came together under one umbrella of Gujarat Community Of North America for the noble cause of charity to the needy people of USA/India during difficult times of COVID-19.
On May 3rd A 2-hour long program titled “Karo-Na Daan” organized by Pramod Mistry of LA and Amit Pathak from Connecticut was telecasted on TV-Asia and on various other platforms.
During this program around $130,000.00 were donated from across the USA by various organizations and personal donors.
There were total of ten leading Gujarati artists who participated in this program without charging any fees.
We Thank Shri Sairam Dave who hosted the show and presented artists like Kirtidan Gadhvi, Atul Purohit, Osman Mir, Manan Desai, Kaajal Oza Vaidhya, Kairavi Buch, Geeta Rabari, Maya Deepak and Bhoomi Trivedi. Famous Gujarati songs, bhajans, and Jain Stavan were recited.
This program solved two purposes free entertainment for the people from the world-famous Gujarati artist and fundraising for the needy people.
During this program, Chief Minister of Gujarat congratulated Gujarati Community of North America and Acknowledged efforts of Amit Pathak and Pramod mistry for the success of the program, many other community leaders from USA like Dr Dhaduk, Mr Mahesh Wadher of Jaina, Mr Jayesh Patel from Aahoa and others appealed to the viewers to donate generously.
Our major donors are Mr B U Patel $25000.00, Mr Mahesh Wadher $25000.00, Spcs (Saurashtra Patel Culture Samaj) $35000.00, Dr Ninna and Bharat Patel $10,000.00, Mr. Deepak and Meena Patel $11,000.00, Online donors $25000.00.
This fund collected will be equally distributed amongst various charities to help needy people in Gujarat, India as well as here in USA namely
Gujarat Chief minister relief fund, Srimad Rajchandra Love and care foundation (Dharampur Gujarat) Non-Profit, Joy of Sharing (USA) Non-Profit.
This Program was supported by Various organizations across USA which are as follows.
SPCS (Saurashtra Patel Culture samaj), Shree Jalaram Mandir Chicago, JAINA and Gujarati samaj of New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Washington, Los Angeles, Connecticut and many more.
We also thank our Canada supporters Ashwin Amin, Purvin Patel and Mehul Panchal.
This program would not have been successful without blessings from Padmashri DR, H R Shah and his team at TV-Asia for all the technical help.

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