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Kiran Rai: Bollywood, Hollywood and Politicians.


Actor-Model Kiran Rai

LONDON, UK-British supermodel and award-winning actor Kiran Rai who is Britain’s most influential media artists in the world who has hosted 106 events including 36 sports events, 15 film festivals and 66 showbiz events to be featured in 980 newspapers across the globe and 100 magazines including being noticed by Vogue editor Dame Anna Wintour talks to the Hi India exclusively while he discusses his meaning to success and how he achieved so much at such a little time and entering into Hollywood and Bollywood and why the biggest producers across the world are doing almost anything possible to get there hands onto him, people from around the world ask how did a 28-year-old have so much success at such a young age and how one young boy from Nottinghamshire a city based in the UK get the entire industry in his hands and know numerous politicians across the world.

Rai rose to fame after securing a lead role in a Sri Lankan film, even though he did not speak the language it was being filmed in. But when the Nottingham-based actor turned up in Sri Lanka for filming, the producers told him his Sinhalese was not good enough and ordered him to fly home.

When he got back to Britain, he decided took matters into his own hands by fundraising for his own project.”People were lobbing money at him and I was very surprised by that,” He told MailOnline. “It was amazing how much money someone can raise in a month.”

He has just finished his world tour completing 42 countries promoting the latest technology brand “Social Box ,” and discuss his involvement in Bollywood and how he is rubbing shoulders with the world leaders including the presidents, prime ministers, politicians and celebrities.

British YouTuber Saj Vlogs is the backing force of Rai heading to Mumbai and pursuing his dreams while mentoring him to succeed and gave him the funding to finance his trips. Saj explained, “I wanted Kiran to succeed reason and that’s why I gave him the money to pursue his dreams. We all spend money on silly things but the money I gave to him was worth every penny.

He was honored with the ‘International Artist of the Year’ awards at the IFA awards in Mumbai last year and was also given an award All India Radio for his contributions to arts and entertainment.
1) why did you start becoming an actor? – well, I really became an actor due to trying to impress my family and make them understand that I can achieve anything in life?

2) what have you done when people say you’re a host? – well, I have been very lucky in my life to be able to travel the world and host so many grand sports that people today would dream of going, there’s so many crazy stuff from the World Cup, F1, NBA, NFL, Wimbledon, and even Cannes film festival, that was extremely fun.

3) you have family in Canada? – yes my family is from Canada near Toronto but I have so many friends that live there, I would always dream to one day go. I heard the chicken is amazing and there cooking is fantastic.

4) why are directors coming your way? – well I am film broker and I deal with so many investors from 90-120 that I try and make peoples project come alive, yes I am an Artist but at the time I a middle man that when I see something, I automatically create it into a project.

5) your working in Bollywood? – yes I am working in Bollywood and I am working alongside Shailesh Verma who is a leading Bollywood director and a full time partner of mine. I am extremely honoured to have met him but now working on a number of projects.

6) you’ve met the royal family? – yes I knew HRH prince harry cousin very well HRH Princess Tessy and HRH Prince Richard the Duke of Gloucester where I had drinks alongside him but yes its fun.

7) how’s the London Mayor and Jeremy Corbyn? – yes I know London Mayor Sadiq Khan and had dinner with Jeremy Corbyn our UK labour leader, always great people.

8) I heard your getting into Hollywood ? – yes hollywood I am but I can’t comment on zero what I am doing BUT I will be working in Hollywood soon.

9) are your parents supportive? – oh yes 100%, I love my mum and father, there the best people on earth. I love them to pieces.

10) what’s the next project? – I am putting together multiple projects at the same from film to TV stuff but as a film broker, it’s hard to decide but I am extremely grateful for my life.

11) any advice to young people out there? – yes just push and push and push because once you keep pushing, you will make success.

12) What kind of work have you done prior to taking up this project?

I have been very lucky to be able to be part of this great career and pursue the world of presenting and acting, I have successfully hosted more than 102 major events including 32 grand sports and 55 showbiz shows including performing in the West End and Broadway in New York City. The weird thing is – I have never made a single penny because for the past eight years I have been offering my services for free since I was so passionate about building up my CV. Even in this film I haven’t made a single penny but as a businessman, I am building up my profile to the height where I can earn thousands of pounds.

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