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Misbah-ul-Haq not in favour to shorten World Test Championship over coronavirus


LONDON, UK-Pakistan head coach Misbah-ul-Haq feels that the World Test Championship should not be shortened and every side should get the chance to play all the games even if it means prolonging the championship.

“When we finally start moving back to normal life and cricket can resume, every side should get equal opportunities and the tournament shouldn’t be shortened,” ESPN Cricinfo quoted Misbah as saying.

Several series that are a part of the inaugural World Test Championship, scheduled to run until June 2021, have been postponed over the past few weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“No matches should be struck off, even if that means prolonging the Championship. Every side should get the chance to play all the games they had scheduled in this cycle,” he added.

The coach stressed that the shortening of the tournament will ‘disrupt’ the balance of the tournament.

“Otherwise, you won’t get the true picture of what the rankings should have actually been and only some teams play all their games. That will disrupt the balance of the tournament. To me, it doesn’t matter if this goes beyond 2021 if that’s what it will take for everyone to get equal opportunities. That’s not a problem,” he said.

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