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WE-Equal Hope has Launched Breast Cancer Charity

CHICAGO,IL- Equal Hope is a state-run initiative to improve the breast cancer outcomes in minority women. WE is collaborating with Equal Hope to implement this program in the South-Asian women community.

Equal Hope provides access to many free resources to un-insured and under-insured women like free mammograms, free referral to diagnostic centers, social programs available especially for minority women and many more.

There are two basic parts to Equal Hope – awareness of these existing resources and fundraising for the free mammos. WE has set a goal to fundraise $25,000 this year for 100 free mammos. We are now trying to spread the word about this program to big groups of south-asian women so they can benefit from these free existing resources.

WE is a networking & empowerment platform for South-Asian women in Chicago. Established in Nov 2017, it currently has 1700 members. The mission of WE is to support entrepreneurship in the South-Asian women community. Our top goals are to showcase women professionals & business owners, recognize successful South-Asian women and raise awareness for existing women’s services & resources.

Equal Hope is an Illinois State Breast Cancer Task force program designed to reduce the disparity in breast cancer outcomes between white women and minority women. This program addresses the chronic shortfall in mammogram services for un- and under-insured women, offering free mammograms to women. In addition to education and mammogram services, the Task Force also provides navigation services to free diagnostic and treatment services. Our program goes above and beyond by having community navigators work with patients enrolled in our program to.

The WE-Equal Hope collaboration is designed to reduce the disparity in breast cancer outcomes specifically between white women and South-Asian women

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