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Students in Fresno Getting Opportunity to Learn Punjabi Language Part of an After-School Program

FRESNO, CA- Thanks to a new initiative, students in Fresno, Calif., are getting an opportunity to learn global languages, including Punjabi.

The Fresno Unified School District launched the new after-school program in response to the Global California 2030 Initiative. It gives students the chance to learn Arabic, Punjabi, Spanish, French or Mixteco.

The California department of education’s mission through the initiatives, according to Building Futures, a publication of the FUSD, is to equip students with world language skills and cross-cultural competencies to better appreciate and more fully engage with the rich and diverse mixture of cultures, heritages and languages in California and the world, while also preparing them to succeed in the global economy.

Currently, the languages are taught at five elementary schools, with one of the languages taught at each school.

For the initial phase in Fresno Unified, Arabic is offered at Vinland Elementary School, Punjabi at Storey Elementary School, Spanish at Addams Elementary School, French at Heaton Elementary School and Mixteco at Hidalgo Elementary School.

“We’re trying to develop programs that are enjoyable for kids and where they develop a sense of the idea that it’s really great to know languages other than English,” Thea Fabian with the Fresno Unified School District told ABC30.

The statewide 2030 goals for the initiative, as per the school publication, are to triple the number of students who earn the seal of biliteracy, quadruple the number of bilingual programs, establish 100 state-approved bilingual teacher preparation programs and double the number of teachers authorized to teach in two languages.

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